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What to do if your child suffers a swimming pool accident

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | premises liability

When you are a guest at a hotel, home, rental home or a business with a swimming pool on the premises, then the risk of a swimming pool accident is never too far off. This is especially true if you have young children who are drawn to the promise of poolside fun – but tragically may suffer injuries or drowning while at play.

Homeowners and businesses with an on-site pool have the responsibility to take reasonable precautions in protecting guests from a swimming pool accident. If your child does sustain a pool-related injury, however, it is important to know what steps to take toward securing compensation.

Know about the attractive nuisances doctrine

Indiana’s attractive nuisance doctrine states that property owners may be liable for injuries to children, including pool-related injuries, if the cause of the injury is a hazardous object or condition likely to attract children. This doctrine even extends to children who are trespassing on the property.

A swimming pool itself can be an attractive nuisance, so there may be a requirement for home and hotel owners to place a fence around the pool so that young children do not jump in unattended.

Other circumstances under which a pool owner may be liable

A hotel or rental property owner may also be liable for swimming pool injuries if they fail to uphold reasonable pool safety measures. Damaged flooring near the pool, faulty pool ladders and a lack of posted pool safety rules can all be examples of negligence.

Being familiar with the circumstances that constitute liability in a swimming pool accident can empower you to take appropriate legal action. A personal injury attorney can help assess the specific legal options of families dealing with the aftermath of an accident.

If your child experiences a pool-related accident, you have the right to pursue compensation.