If you are injured in an  accident and want to file a claim for my injuries, the first thing you should is contact an attorney right away. An experienced personal injury attorney has the education, knowledge, and experience to assist you right from the onset of your care and, if necessary, through trial. Once you retain legal representation, the attorney can legally deal with the insurance company, saving you time and frustration and preventing you from making any mistakes, which could hinder your right to recover in the future. The sooner that you are represented by an attorney, the better.

Contact Ladendorf  Law for a free consultation. Remember, there is no fee unless you recover for your injuries.

Several factors determine the value of a claim, including but not limited to, the nature and extent of the injury, the type and length of medical treatment, permanency of the injury, and the applicable insurance limits available to recover.

The statute of limitations in the State of Indiana for a civil tort action is two (2) years from the date of injury. You must file a lawsuit within this time frame or your claim will be forever barred.

Several factors determine the length of time to receive a settlement offer, including but not limited to, the length of medical treatment, when you have reached maximum medical recovery in your treatment pending an assessment of whether your injury is permanent. An experienced attorney will have many methods to move this process along in an expedient manner. Ladendorf  Law has over sixty (60) years of legal experience among its attorneys.

Not necessarily. A large percentage of personal injury claims settle without having to file a lawsuit. Even if it is necessary to file a lawsuit, the case could settle without having to go to trial. Should it be necessary to go to trial, you will be guaranteed competent and thorough representation with the experienced trial attorneys at Ladendorf Law.

Like most law firms representing victims of personal injury, Ladendorf Law works on a contingency fee bases. Our staff members word hard to make sure you have a financial recovery. Typically, the fee is 1/3 of your total recovery. We receive no fee if there is no recovery. You will never receive a bill for any expense necessary to pursue your case.

Should the at-fault driver have no insurance, your own uninsured motorist coverage would compensate you for your claims for bodily injury and property damage. Your company would then have the right to seek recovery from the at-fault party.