Indianapolis Brain Injury Attorney

Brain injuries have become a menace that are altering the lives of millions of Americans each year. According to the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, someone suffers a brain injury every 18 seconds. It implies that close to 1.7 million brain injuries are recorded every year. To others, this might sound list just a normal statistic, but to the victims, it is everyday life.

We understand the impact in your life

Ladendorf Law empathizes with every brain injury victim, and have made a commitment to fight for these victims in every way we can. We understand the accompanying trauma, loss of livelihood and the change in lifestyle that arises due to brain injuries, and we will commit every resource at our disposal to ensuring that brain injuries victims are promptly and adequately compensated.

If you are a victim or you know of a friend or a relative that might have suffered brain injury, we’d like to let you know that we are ready to help. Talk to us and we will explore all the legal angles to try and get you compensation for the losses you may have suffered.

Common causes of brain injuries

There are quite a number of things that might lead to brain injuries, the following are the most common causes:

Someone may suffer a brain injury due to the impact arising from a car accident, motorcycle accident or a truck accident. According to estimates by the CDC, over 16% of traffic crashes result in brain injuries.

The CDC reports that slip and falls are the leading causes of brain injuries in the United States. A slips and fall is in most of the cases attributed to the negligence of property owner who allows a dangerous condition within his/her premises.

Sports and Recreation are responsible for most of the brain injuries sustained by children and young people under the age of 19. Such injuries sustained during sports or recreation activities can sometimes be attributed to the failure of coaches or athletic departments to provide the necessary protective equipment or lack of proper management of concussion after they occur.

Medical negligence, as a cause of brain injury, is common in young children who suffer as a result of negligent nurses, doctors or midwives at the time of delivery.

Contact an Indianapolis Brain Injury Attorney – No Fees until you are successful

Irrespective of the cause of the brain injury, it is imperative that you contact a competent brain injury attorney to review the case and determine if it was caused by the the negligence of another party. At Ladendorf Law, we have seasoned brain injury attorneys who will go through your case with a fine tooth comb and ensure that no mischief goes unpunished.

It will please you to learn that you don’t have to pay us a single dime unless you are successful. Therefore, contact us now and let us begin the process of getting you the necessary compensation.