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What is the most dangerous intersection in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Firm News

Car accidents can happen on any road. Some, however, can prove more dangerous than others.

Recently, an in-depth analysis of several years of statistics from the National Safety Council (NSC) revealed the most dangerous intersection in Indiana: 38th Street and Guion Road in the city of Indianapolis.

What the research says

A Chicago-based team set out to determine the most dangerous intersections in every state of the U.S. They exhaustively examined nine years of traffic data compiled by the NSC to identify the intersections that had the highest rate of traffic accidents. Based on this research, it determined that the 38th Street and Guion Road intersection in northwest Indianapolis is the most dangerous one in Indiana.

Why this intersection?

The study did not provide explanations for why the 50 intersections it identified are so dangerous. However, in examining 38th Street and Guion Road, it is not difficult to develop some hypotheses.

The intersection is the home to several businesses, but it also lies next to a busy eight-lane stretch of I-65. The combination of drivers going toward the businesses and fast-moving vehicles crossing the highway can be a deadly mix. Add in other common factors that contribute to crashes, such as drunk driving, speeding and distracted driving, and it is not difficult to see why the area poses such danger.

It’s up to Indiana drivers to stay safe

It is up to all Indiana drivers to drive defensively on the state’s many roadways. Carefully adhering to the rules of the road goes a long way in preventing fatalities. With that said, there will always be motorists who choose to disregard the law and drive recklessly. From city intersections like 38th and Guion to rural country backroads, no one deserves to suffer a serious accident because of a negligent driver.