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Referring A Case To Ladendorf Fregiato & Bigler

To be trusted with a friend, client or loved one’s case is a commitment that Ladendorf Fregiato & Bigler doesn’t take lightly. In fact, we believe the highest compliment a colleague can provide us is recognizing our dedication to personal injury law and referring us to a potential client or requesting a co-counsel relationship.

Our practice at Ladendorf Fregiato & Bigler is devoted exclusively to the field of personal injury. Because personal injury law is all we do, we have dedicated all of our resources to create an atmosphere where our clients’ needs can best be met.

We understand that there are times when a colleague cannot take on a client’s case due to its jurisdiction, subject matter, complexity or expense. In those situations, we welcome the opportunity to provide a client with our experience, resources and compassion in a co-counsel arrangement or by a one-on-one relationship.

We are experienced in Indiana laws, know the legal community around Indianapolis and the state of Indiana and have a hard-earned reputation in the fields of:

If you would like to speak with us regarding a referral, a co-counsel relationship, or local representation, please contact one of our attorneys in Indianapolis at 317-842-5800 or by e-mail at:

Mark C. Ladendorf
[email protected]

Daniel A. Ladendorf
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Matthew S. Bigler
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Dustin F. Fregiato
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