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Indianapolis Attorneys Handling Defective Drug Cases

Since there are many players in cases involving defective drugs, they are very complex. As such, they require legal representation to ensure that compensation is obtained.

At Ladendorf Fregiato & Bigler, we have great defective drug lawyers who will do their best in digging out the truth and finding out the responsible parties in a defective drug case. Whether it was the doctor or the pharmaceutical company responsible for your suffering, you can rely on the knowledge, experience and skills possessed by our attorneys to get to the bottom of the truth and obtain the necessary compensation for you.

What Exactly Defines A Defective Drug?

A drug is considered defective if it causes physical, emotional or psychological injury to the patient. Such drugs may be purchased over the counter, or a physician can prescribe them. Other factors may also render drugs defective including:

  • Mislabeling of the drug
  • Lack of sufficient warning or information on the label
  • Incomplete labeling
  • An expired drug

If you have suffered any harm due to taking defective drugs, you can seek monetary compensation for the damages you suffered. But for you to fight effectively, you may require the services of competent drug attorneys to help you in your pursuit of justice.

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