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Schools Have An Obligation To Protect Children

Millions of American parents trust the safety of their children to various learning institutions and it is the primary responsibility of these institutions to protect these children on all corners of the premises.

However, the number of children that sustain injuries while in school or when doing school related activities is outstandingly high.

Whereas it is correct to argue that certain accidents are inevitable, the bulk of school accidents can be traced back to school negligence. Therefore, if you child has been negligently, or intentionally, harmed while at school, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to provide you the necessary legal direction.

Common Types Of School Negligence Cases

There are a plethora of reasons that might lead to your child getting harmed while under the supervision of the school. Here are the most common situations when schools can be found liable for the damages caused:

  • Lack of supervision on the playground
  • Inadequate security within the school premises
  • Ignoring choking hazards
  • Physical and verbal abuse by school employees
  • Irresponsible hiring, training and supervision of school employees
  • Exposed hot pipes
  • Exposed electrical wires and outlets
  • Dangerous and sharp objects left carelessly on the school premises
  • Sexual abuse by school employees
  • Harmful playground or gym equipment
  • Poorly maintained playgrounds i.e. presence of holes, gravel, etc
  • Inability to prevent fighting at school

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