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Advocating For The Victims Of Negligence

The term “personal injury” sounds a bit ambiguous, and it can be used to refer to infinite situations where someone may suffer emotional or physical harm or both due to the negligent conduct of another person. As Indianapolis personal injury lawyers, we have devoted our entire practice to representing people who sustain significant harm due to the careless acts of other parties.

At Ladendorf Fregiato & Bigler, we make it our mission to establish liability and determine those responsible for your injuries and ensure that you get adequate compensation.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

As seasoned Indianapolis personal injury attorneys, we have the experience and expertise to represent clients who have suffered different types of personal injuries caused by various mechanisms. The following are some of the cases we are well versed in:

There are however certain circumstances where multiple types of personal injury are involved. No matter the circumstances, we have the legal prowess to argue your case correctly, protect your rights and help you get compensation. We, therefore, invite you to pay us a visit and discuss your case with us without any obligation or cost to you.

Damages In Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury claims are very complex, and each is unique. Irrespective of the underlying reason for the injury, personal injury victims are entitled to damages if the third party can be proven to be at fault.

As advocates for the victims, we thoroughly assess each case and determine the best approach for presenting it to the jury or the insurance company so that are clients are awarded the maximum possible compensation. The common types of damages one can claim in a personal injury case are:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of past and future income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Effect on daily living
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Disability and disfigurement

What’s The Statute Of Limitations In Indiana For A Civil Case?

Generally speaking, most personal injury (or “tort”) cases will have a two-year statute of limitations.  Which means that if the case is not resolved within two years of the date of the incident and a lawsuit has not been filed by that time, then the injured party will lose the right to sue and recover damages.

Are There Other Time Limit Statutes?

Aside from the general statute of limitations, there are also deadlines in place for tort claims against the government.  Even though a case against the government still has the regular statute of limitations, there are also deadlines to file a “Tort Claim Notice” to the proper governmental entities, 180 days if the target is a local entity, 270 days if the target is the State of Indiana.  Under the federal tort claims act, you have two years to file the federal tort claim notice, and 180 days after denial of the claim to file a lawsuit, even if that means it’s less than two years since the underlying incident.

Can Anything Delay The Statute Of Limitations?

The most common way a statute of limitations can be delayed is because of the injured person’s incapacity.  For example, if a person is in a coma, their clock doesn’t start running until they are no longer incapacitated.  More commonly, a minor is legally incompetent until they are 18, so for a regular tort, the statute of limitations for a minor is their 20th birthday.  An exception to this rule is for medical malpractice claims where it is a hard two year statute of limitations unless the minor is less than 6 years old, in which case the statute of limitations is their 8th birthday.

Are There Any Other Statutes Of Limitations Depending On The Action?

Yes!  Products liability and asbestos actions, for example, have nuanced statutes of limitations that makes it worth consulting with an attorney to see if your claim has been affected.

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