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No One Should Have To Experience Elder Abuse

Elder neglect occurs when a caregiver fails to provide an elderly person with proper care. This violation generally occurs with senior citizens who reside in nursing home facilities and can no longer care for themselves. Elder neglect is also known as elder abuse. Elder abuse is associated with physical activities that leave the elder individual injured.

Examples Of Elder Abuse And Neglect

When someone is a designated caregiver to an elder person, they are responsible to maintain and provide them with the care and attention the elder individual needs. When they fail to do so and the elder person is suffering, the caregiver’s negligence is a violation of the law.

Examples of elder neglect include:

  • Not providing an elder person with the basic necessities of food, water, clothing, and shelter
  • Failing to administer medicine or treatment as instructed by the elder’s physician
  • Ignoring an elder person’s request to communicate information to another person, especially if this information pertains to the elder’s health
  • Keeping an elder person in poor and unsuitable living conditions
  • Not reporting an act of elder abuse
  • Sexual assault

Proving elder neglect may be difficult, but it is possible with the proper elder abuse lawyer on your side.

Generally, the elder person must have experienced some form of physical or economic harm. This can be an injury to their body or an unwarranted loss of property. Emotional injuries are also a form of elder neglect, and proving emotional injuries can also be best achieved through consulting with an experienced attorney.

Who Is Responsible For Elder Abuse?

Sometimes, an elder person can have multiple caregivers. The individual who is legally responsible for the elder individual may be the elder person’s:

  • Nursing home personnel
  • Relatives or friends
  • Live-in caregivers, or visiting caregivers
  • Medical professionals

When an individual has the explicit legal duty to care for an elder person in any way and fails to do so, they are violating the elder individual’s rights.

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