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Where are the DUI hotspots in Indianapolis?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Firm News

Drunk driving driver

Accidents caused due to impaired driving are one of the greatest risks drivers face day-to-day. They often cause serious injury & death to those unlucky enough to be in the way of an impaired driver.

When selecting sites for DUI checkpoints, the Marion County Traffic Safety Partnership is required by state law to select sites in areas that have a high incidence of DUI accidents and arrests. The IMPD analyzes their crash and arrest data to determine where these hotspots are.

What the research says

In the last analysis we have access to (2014-2015), the IMPD determined the following 10 areas in Indianapolis to be our city’s DUI hotspots:

  1. Broad Ripple: North Side of Midtown.
  2. 38th & Shadeland: East Central Indianapolis.
  3. New York & Sherman: Near East Side.
  4. Churchman & Emerson: Beech Grove.
  5. Southport & Madison: South Side.
  6. Raymond & Shelby: Near South Side.
  7. Downtown Indianapolis.
  8. Area around 15th & Alabama: Near North Side
  9. 10th & Concord: Near West Side.
  10. 38th from Lafayette Rd. to High School Rd.: West Side

How do you stay safe?

DUI accidents can happen at any time, although they are more common in the evening and night time hours. Always be aware when you’re driving of what’s going on around you and, particularly at night, be aware at intersections at what cross traffic is doing. We’ve seen many catastrophic crashes happen because of impaired drivers running red lights. Unfortunately, even with the best defensive driving, there will always be motorists who choose to drive drunk and they pose a risk to all of us. No one deserves to be hurt by a drunk driver or by the bar(s) that allowed them to get that way on their watch.