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Wrong-way driving incidents in Indiana: What drivers need to know

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Accidents, automobiles

If you drive frequently, there is an excellent chance you will come across someone driving the wrong way on the road. This is, unfortunately, a big problem in Indiana and elsewhere in the country. Wrong-way driving on one-way roads and highways accounts for 25.6 fatalities out of every 1000 vehicle accidents. This is the third highest in the state.

When you encounter a person driving the wrong way on the road, it is important to know what to do.

Pay attention

The best way to avoid a wrong-way collision is to pay attention to what is around you. Not only with this alert you to a wrong-way driver it will let you know where you can go to avoid them. Remember, your car has four directions, and although forward and backward might be difficult, knowing what is beside you can save your life.

Drive on the right side

This is something you should do unless you are passing someone but can save your life in a wrong-way situation. A wrong-way driver might think they are on the right side of the road, but since they are going the wrong way, it is the left lane.

It is also easier to avoid someone driving toward you in your lane. You have the option of moving to the left lane or moving over to the shoulder.

Always call 911

If you witness someone driving the wrong way, call 911 as soon as it is safe. A police officer can stop them, hopefully before they cause an accident.

Knowing what to do when someone is driving the wrong way on a street or highway can save your life.