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What are the best and worst driving cities in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Accidents

Driving conditions can vary significantly across different cities, and Indiana is no exception.

From bustling metropolises to tranquil towns, the state offers a diverse range of experiences for drivers.

Best driving cities

Fort Wayne emerges as a shining example of a city with relatively smooth driving conditions. The well-maintained roads and manageable traffic contribute to a hassle-free driving experience. With a well-designed layout and a proactive approach to road maintenance, Fort Wayne earns its spot as one of the best driving cities in the state.

Carmel, known for its affluent suburbs, also stands out for its driver-friendly environment. The city’s commitment to infrastructure development has resulted in wide, well-marked roads. Drivers in Carmel can navigate the streets with ease, making it an appealing location for those who prioritize a stress-free commute.

Worst driving cities

Contrary to its reputation as the Crossroads of America, Indianapolis garners attention for less favorable reasons. According to MotorTrend, Indianapolis ranked as the 4th most dangerous city for drivers in the United States. The bustling urban center faces challenges like high accident rates and congested traffic, impacting the overall safety of motorists.

Gary, a city in northwest Indiana, grapples with a less-than-ideal driving environment. Potholes dot the roads, posing challenges to drivers and potentially causing vehicle damage. While efforts to address the issue are ongoing, Gary remains a city where cautious driving is necessary for navigating its streets.

In 2020, 38,913 people in the Hoosier State sustained injuries in car accidents. Wherever your travels take you, driving safely and being aware of local driving conditions is important.