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Patricia Craft Benefit Ride

September 28, 2013

This young lady at 12 developed a rare bone cancer she has had both hips, both shoulders and 1 knee and needs the other one done, She is the most positive young lady who has never let this get her down. She will be 18 this week and it is just her and her dad There will be a ride KSU at 11am back at 4 for dinner live music by R6 a very talented young band and raffles with some really great prizes.. This girl is flat out amazing… come meet her and see how she is an inspiration to all who meet her.
Here is her story
At age 11 she was a vibrant, active typical little girl. She played basketball, gymnastics, rode 4 wheelers and loved riding her bicycle. There was nothing that kept her down. Then in Sept. 2007 her world and her family’s all changed.
She was at basketball practice and complained that her hip was hurting, since it was unusual for her to complain about anything, they went to the doctor and just 2 weeks before her 12th birthday she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, which usually affects young children and adolescents. They found a tumor in her hip that has metastasized to other organs as well. On her birthday she had to have part of her hip removed and followed with extensive chemotherapy, she then had to have some of her organs moved around and began radiation therapy, after the radiation she was diagnosed with blood leukemia and would need bone marrow transplant. Her family talked with her and explained what all was happening and what needed to be done, being a typical young girl, she replied lets do it, I have already lost my hair and I don’t want it to grow out and have to lose it all over again.
Then her body was not immediately accepting of the bone marrow, so she had to stay on steroids for awhile, the steroids will slow down the blood which then caused her to be diagnosed with ON/AVN, which is cancer that affects the joints. The pain was excruciating 2nd only to the pain of the bone cancer. This put her in a wheelchair because the pain was in her joints and she could no longer straighten her knees to stand. From 2007-2012 she has been back and forth to Riley Hospital for many different things, she missed being home for 3 of the last 5 Christmas Holidays, missed several other holidays, and school days. She went back in the hospital, 1 week before her 16th birthday and had to miss her party. She missed an entire year of school and was home schooled, she is now back in school in a magnet program with the emphasis in the medical field. She wants to be a doctor.
Beginning in February 2012 she has had her left shoulder replaced, in July her right hip was replaced and in October her right knee, they were supposed to do a double knee replacement but due to the high risk of infection only did one this time. In 2012 she will have her right shoulder replaced and then they will address the other knee. While enduring all this, she still has a smile on her face, she gets out with her father as much as she can going to charity benefits to help others. She is a GREAT inspiration to us all and we would like to help with the medical expenses that insurance will not pay so this young lady can fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor and living a normal life.


September 28, 2013